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Asian carp: SU supports closing the locks

I am somewhat surprised by this, but Salmon Unlimited has come out in supoort of closing the Chicago-area locks as a stop-gap measure to prevent the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes.

Here’s the statement from SU:

After careful consideration of the ramifications introducing Asian Carp into the Great lakes would cause, the board of Salmon Unlimited of Illinois has voted to support the closing of the locks leading from the canals into Lake Michigan. It is our opinion the threat to the lake and its tributaries is greater than the threat of possible flooding or loss of jobs to businesses that use the canals. We realize that this should be a short term decision until a better long term solution can be developed by the government agencies studying the problem at this time. At risk is a 7.5 billion dollar sport fishing industry located in the Great Lakes and according to the biologists, the fish are now beyond the locks. It is our opinions that immediate action is required and closing the locks will not only slow the progress of the Asian carp, but will also increase the urgency of our government to decide on a more encompassing solution. We regret the inconvenience to boaters and loss of jobs this would cause, but doing nothing will cause much greater harm to many more boaters, fisherman and businesses in several states and Canada if this new invasive species is allowed to spread unabated.

Captain Jim Nelligan USCG 50 Ton Master Great Lakes