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WPWR joins broadcast partners

Here’s some Fire news you might not find anywhere else:

— WPWR (Ch. 50) joined Comcast SportsNet and Universion Radio as broadcast partners of the Fire. WPWR will make its season debut broadcasting the Fire-Chivas USA match on Saturday and will also carry next Saturday’s match at Toronto. WPWR is set to a minimum of eight games this season.

— Krzysztof Krol, the Polish defender, will make an appearance at noon on Sunday at the Polish Consitution Day Festival at Chicago’s Copernicus Center.

— Goaltender Andrew Dykstra earned his first MLS save-of-the-week honor for a spectacular sequence in last week’s 2-0 win over Houston. Dykstra’s was actually a double-save — stops on back-to-back shots within seconds of each other.

— The Fire has added junior affiliates in Louisiana and Florida.

— Tickets to the May 30 match atainst AC Milan went on sale on Saturday through both the Fire and Tickemaster.