The ‘wow’ returns to ‘Dancing with the Stars’

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The impossible became possible on tonight’s edition of “Dancing with the Stars.” After weeks —- that is seasons— of the “wow factor” being awol from the ballroom, it returned tonight with a vengeance.

Just one week shy of the semi-finals (the results show tomorrow night will determine the final four), all five couples tonight brought their best game as they fought like heck to land the highest judges’ scores possible —- and hopefully enough viewer votes to matter.

Two dances were required tonight, one in ballroom and one in Latin. Suffice it to say, Nicole emerged at the top of the leader board with 59 out of a possible 60 points with her stunning 50s-style paso doble and a hugely theatrical fox trot. Nipping at her heels was Evan, who along with his partner Anna, earned a 53 out of 60 for a Viennese waltz that was too “rolley-polley” for Len Goodman, and a futuristic cha-cha that Bruno Tonioli described as Mr. Spock-meets-Barbarella. Enough said.

Tied with Evan, was Erin, who couldn’t overcome her gangly-arm phobia (she’s the ONLY one who thinks it’s a problem!). Her 80s-style rhumba with Maks was just too odd, while their Argentine tango was sexy and gorgeous. It was 53 out of 60 points for her as well.

Chad and Cheryl were next on the leader board with a 60s-style jive that looked fun and funky on television, but didn’t exactly thrill the judges; he landed 24 points for his efforts. His tango also failed to impress, earning him a 21. That’s only 45 points out of 60; will it be enough to keep him in the ballroom for the semi-finals?

Niecy and Louis fared even worse on this night, earning a total of 43 out of 60 points for a beautiful Viennese waltz (which I thought was sadly under-scored… come on! that was an “8” if ever I saw one!), and a 1990s-style paso doble that was just plain weird. (Who thought these “era-themed dances” were a good idea anyhow?)

The results Tuesday night, for the first time this season, will be actually be interesting to say the least. Remember, Erin and Maks had the best scores going into the results show last week and yet the ended up in the bottom two, so anything is possible.

It’s truly up to the viewers this week (read; fan base), and barring any REALLY weird viewer voting pattern, Erin, Nicole and Evan should end up in the final four. Which brings us to the remaining semi-finals slot, and Chad and Niecy. This one’s difficult because both dancers have come so far, and they’ve truly shown us what it means to be completely out of one’s comfort zone on national television.

Hmmmm. Dilemma indeed, but if I had to choose (and I do), I’m saying Niecy might be hanging up her dancing shoes Tuesday night.

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