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Girls wear 'Fisher Lied' T-shirts to Lakers-Jazz game

The Los Angeles Lakers closed out the Utah Jazz last night in Salt Lake City, but the home fans did not go into that sweet night in classy manner.

At least these two girls didn’t.

Instead, they chose to wear shirts that said “Fisher Lied,” in reference to Lakers guard Derek Fisher, who left the Jazz in 2007 to seek better medical treatment for his young daughter that has eye cancer.

Yup, these ladies hoped to get on national television to share their opinion that Fisher lied about his daughter’s cancer in an effort to get on title-winning basketball team. At least I think that’s the implication.

Fisher was granted a release by the late Larry H. Miller after he asked for the opportunity to play in a market where he could get the best care for his daughter. He’d had trouble balancing basketball and his daughter’s treatment, as evidenced by the very emotional cross-country trip from New York City to Utah to play in a playoff game against Golden State.

Seriously, you had to have a heart of stone to not feel for the guy.

Perhaps that’s this duo’s excuse.