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Obama White House lands Elena Kagan interview. Kagan making Hill rounds

WASHINGTON–Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan starts her courtesy calls to the Senators this week, following her Tuesday appointment from President Obama. Expect many photo ops of Kagan sitting with senators–but it would be surprising (though welcome from journalists)–if she takes any questions. The White House videographers landed an interview with Kagan, taped Monday after the East Room event with Obama, Kagan and Vice President Biden. It may be all we hear from Kagan for awhile. Her confirmation hearings won’t start until sometime this summer. In the spot, she talks about Harvard–where she attended law school and where she was dean–and makes no mention of her time at the University of Chicago Law School, where she met Obama when they both taught there.

Kagan on Wednesday meets with, starting at 10:00 a.m. Senator Reid, Senator McConnell, Senator Leahy, Senator Sessions, Senator Durbin, Senator Hatch, Senator Kohl, and Senator Feinstein.