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Fish of the Week: Mother of a crappie

Jim “The Crappie Professer” Kopjo had quite the Mother’s Day with his wife Dawn on Shabbona Lake and she earns Fish of the Week honors.

Here’s Kopjo’s story:

My Wife ,Dawn Kopjo…..Brookfield……slipbobber-minnow ,over a brush pile in the south west corner of the lake….8-9 feet down in 13 feet of water…she decided to let the large female go so it could finish the spawning process..from one mother to another…..water topped out at 59,with a visibility of 6 feet…very clear for this time of year…lots of muskie spotted swimming below the surface.

The part of this tale I find amazing is that the 14 3/4-inch crappie weighed an incredible 2.1 pounds.

That my friends is a helluva fat-bellied crappie.

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