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Chicago's pretend inspector general

Chicago aldermen on Wednesday voted 27-18 to create a pretend inspector general.

Instead of empowering the city’s existing inspector general to investigate aldermen and their staffs — as a slew of good government types and the Sun-Times editorial page has urged — the City Council voted to create a separate IG who will be so hamstrung by cumbersome rules that the office is destined to do nothing.

If you’re curious how your alderman voted on the pretend IG ordinance, we’re happy to supply the list:

Yes — Aldermen Hairston, Lyle, Harris, Beale, Pope, Balcer, Olivo, Burke, Foulkes, Thompson, Thomas, Lane, Rugai, Cochran, Brookins, Zalewski, Dixon, Graham, Reboyras, Suarez, Mell, Rice, Mitts, Allen, Laurino, O’Connor, Doherty, Shiller — 28.

No — Aldermen Moreno, Fioretti, Dowell, Cardenas, Munoz, Solis, Maldonado, Waguespack, Colon, Reilly, Daley, Tunney, Levar, Schulter, M. Smith, Moore, Stone — 17.