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Giannoulias jabs Kirk on Sarah Palin as she headlines Illinois GOP fund-raiser

Below, from Giannoulias….


Kirk’s rhetoric gives former half-term governor, Tea Party leader a run for her money when it comes to obstructing President’s agenda

CHICAGO – As the former Alaska Governor and Tea Party spokeswoman Sarah Palin visits a Chicago area fundraiser for the Illinois Republican Party tonight, which will no doubt benefit Congressman Mark Kirk’s campaign, the Alexi for Illinois campaign released a new video making clear that although he may have stayed hundreds of miles away, Mark Kirk cannot hide the growing similarities between himself and Palin when it comes to attacking, insulting and obstructing President Obama’s agenda.

“Mark Kirk may be keeping his physical or geographic distance from Sarah Palin, but if you look at what he says and where stands when it comes to opposing and obstructing President Obama’s agenda, they might as well be walking arm-in-arm,” said Alexi for Illinois spokesman Matt McGrath. “It was Mark Kirk who said he’d lead the fight to repeal healthcare reform, and it was Mark Kirk who said he’s working to make ‘this guy’ – President Obama – a one-termer. Sarah Palin couldn’t say it any better.”

The video, “Wrong for Illinois” shows how the two echo the same conservative sentiments designed to obstruct President Obama’s agenda, whether its working to repeal health insurance reform or promising to make President Obama a “one-termer.”

“Unlike Mark Kirk, Alexi’s campaign has been about the economy and fixing what’s broken in Washington since day one,” McGrath said. “We have a choice in this election between a failed past or a promising future; a choice between Alexi Giannoulias, who will fight every day with President Obama to turn this economy around, or Sarah Palin and Mark Kirk, who will obstruct the President every chance they get.”