It’s OK Sox fans, Ozzie feels your pain

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ozzie Guillen doesn’t blame White Sox fans for losing the faith.

Unfortunately for the seventh-year manager, faith is about all he has left to hang on to.

“Everybody is entitled to think and do what they think is the best for them,” Guillen said on Saturday. “If they think we’re done, I don’t think they should, but in the meanwhile, I don’t blame them. I think we have a lot of games to go. Look at how bad we’ve played and we’re only about 8 games out, we should be 20 games out but we’re still there.

“We haven’t faced Detroit yet, we only played Minnesota twice, this is the second round with Kansas City. We have to turn around and play better. Not play better because we’ve played good. I think just win games. Like I say, the fans, there are only a few teams out there when they lose they still bring people to the ballpark. We can’t afford that. We’ve got to play good to make sure those guys come out and watch. And I don’t say we’re playing bad, we’re just not winning games.”

Guillen’s first goal is to try and get his players feeling confident. If he can accomplish that, winning comes and so will the fans.

“I’ve said with this lineup and pitching staff, every time you come to the park you think you’re going to celebrate after the game,” Guillen said. “That’s one thing about this ballclub that hasn’t happened too often. The game it gets to the point where it gets frustrating and you think about so much stuff, sometimes you think if you’re the only one who believes in this you’re the only one fighting through this. You’ve got to come here and show those guys I still believe in them.

“But like I said two weeks ago, three weeks ago, one month ago, it doesn’t matter what I believe or what I say or what I do, they got to go out there and perform.”

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