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Rich Man/Poor Man: Star gazing

Single City is a twice-weekly blog about the Chicago dating scene written by Sun-Times Media Wire reporter Sally Ho. Got a question? Email her!

Last week, I went home to Los Angeles where at least a few of my friends are in nearly decade-long relationships (one stemming from 8th grade!). Consequently, I began to wonder about fate, and whether there really is such a thing as “the one.” Even Google couldn’t answer that question, but it did tell me that the idea of “star-cross’d lovers” began with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet some 450 years ago. Feel free to use the couple as inspiration — minus the whole killing yourself part, of course — on one of these astrology-themed dates.

RICH MAN: This Thursday (and every third Thursday of the month!) is Adler After Dark, the Adler Planetarium’s after-hours event. It’s the only time you can look through the Doane Observatory telescope, the largest telescope in the Midwest available to the public — not to mention a chance to enjoy cocktails and appetizers amid the museum’s other great exhibits, plus live music from local bands Perseus Noble, Royce and Black Umbrella Brigade. This embarrassment of riches isn’t actually that expensive; a full night of romance (6-10 p.m.) costs just $10 per person in advance, or $15 at the door.

POOR MAN: If you can’t get inside the planetarium for the fun, try hanging out just outside of it, in the equally dreamy and underrated man-made peninsula of Northerly Island. It’s the most serene 91 acres you’ll find in the busy city. Try laying out at the 12th Street Beach — a date so simple and perfect, you’d think it was written in the stars.