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Fish of the Week: Landfill brown

Andy Mikos is at it again, catching this Fish of the Week on Saturday.

The Morton Grove man would get my vote as the best non-captain fisherman on the big lake around Chicago outdoors. This monster brown trout is just the latest example.

Here’s his story:

Attached are two pictures of a 22.5lb brown trout I caught off of Evanston in 11′ of water on a Goldstar “watermelon” spoon. It was the last of a 15 fish limit (mostly coho’s) caught directly in front of the Northwestern University landfill. I don’t know if it qualifies for fish of the week but I figured I’d pass it along.

Oh, it works for me.

And so does this follow-up shot and explanation:

My father (Ed Mikos) jumped in the shot and I thought it was a nice picture with the Salmon Unlimited hat.

It is.

One of my dreams in life is to see my dad with a fish like that.

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