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Wild Tuesday: Tick thoughts

For some reason, this spring I have had more than my share of battles with ticks.

While trying to find a video on removing ticks, I found this one by Brad Paisley, his Ticks.

As a writer, I admire somebody who has the stones to write or sing a song about checking for ticks. And it sounds like it is by somebody who knows what it is like to check for ticks.

There is a very sexual quality to having that special someone give you a good going over in looking for ticks. Because, trust me, ticks can find the most intimate of places to hide.

But back to this spring.

I can’t figure out why I have had more battles with ticks this spring than others. Maybe it was the warm April or the relatively dry spring (until the past week).

Or maybe it simply this has been a better spring for me, with my kids older, to get out and explore.

A lot of readers have agreed, including the great explorer of the banks of the Kankakee River, Norm Minas, who said, “t’s been a bad year for ticks all around.”

Glad to know I am not alone.

He also offered some sage advice:

If you stick your pants inside the top of your socks and then spray a repellent, it can help keep ticks from crawling up inside your pants to areas you really don’t want them attached to.

I’m sure you check your beard as well after busting brush as that is the avenue they usually try to take with me when I brush busting in my chest waders, also found them inside my hat.