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Projecting Wright's rookie deal

While other teams wait, the Bears continue their push to get all their rookies signed by the end of the month.

Only the team’s top pick, third-rounder Major Wright, and quarterback Dan LeFevour are unsigned.

My guess (an educated one, I would like to think) is that Wright will sign a four-year deal that includes guarantees around $644,000, a respectable bump from the $625,000 the Dallas Cowboys gave Robert Brewster (third round, 75th overall pick) last year. That’s if the Bears and Wright’s agent (Mitch Frankel) structure the deal in a straightforward manner.

If they get fancy (don’t want to bore you — or myself — with technical terms), then Wright could be in line for more money because the Bears like to structure deals so rookies can earn more money in the last year of the deal, usually based on playing time.