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Martz tickled by inquiries about his relationship with Cutler

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz continued to rave about quarterback Jay Cutler and downplayed all the interest in their relationship.

“This just tickles me. I love the Jay watch, kind of thing,” he said. “It’s crazy.

“He’s everything you want as a coach. He’s all about winning, and perfection, and he wants to be a great player and he wants to be on a great team,” Martz said. “For me, there’s no flaws. I don’t know what the issues have been in the past, I don’t really care what they are. There are certainly are no issues here.”

Martz said the two have connected.

“I think the world of him, both as a player and as a man,” Martz said.

Meanwhile, Martz also said Cutler has looked smooth anticipating throws, something the quarterback hadn’t done as much in the past.

“I guess normally it’s an adjustment. But if it was for him (new), it didn’t take him very long because he’s gotten it right away,” Martz said of Cutler.