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McCaskey in favor of New York Super Bowl.

Bears chairman Mike McCaskey said holding the 2014 Super Bowl in New York will be a boon for the NFL.

“It’s very exciting, I think, that we’re playing the Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey,” said McCaskey, who presided over the vote at the NFL owners’ meetings in Irving, Texas, on Tuesday. “It will be terrific for the NFL.”

Team president Ted Phillips agreed.

“It’s hard to say,” Phillips said when asked if other cold-weather sites might be considered. “Personally, I would look at it as more of a unique opportunity but that doesn’t prevent anybody from applying if they meet all the qualifications.”

Many thought owners would extend the new overtime rule that was passed for the playoffs for the regular season. Although the subject came up, McCaskey said no vote was taken.

“It was pitched as let’s address the most pressing problem, which is you don’t want somebody’s season to end prematurely without giving them the chance to score if it’s an overtime situation,” he said. “It’s a little tricky to all of a sudden say we want to do it for the regular season. Teams want to reflect on it and see what happens in the playoffs with it.”

Phillips said the Bears were still mulling the idea of extending the overtime rule.

“We want to talk about it a little bit more internally and at the meeting,” Phillips said. “We really haven’t decided yet.”

He said having one rule for both the regular season and postseason has advantages.

“It’s an issue,” he said. “You have to weigh the consistency issue. Do you want to have a consistent rule for playoffs and regular season?”