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Fish of the Week: The kids of spring

I don’t know what it was for sure, but a pile of good nominations of kids’ catches for Fish of the Week came in the past two months. So, going into the greatest fishing weekend around Memorial Day, let’s celebrate kids and their catches.

Maybe it was the warmest April on record, or the multiple good-weather weekends we have had around Chicago outdoors the last two months.

Whatever, let’s enjoy. I know I did receiving them.

We begin in early April when Nicole Parkin’s nephew Nick Parkin, 12, (below) caught this northern pike on a white spinner bait on a small pond in Crystal Lake.

From the northwest suburbs to the southwest. Art Gazda’s nephew Michael Wilson, 15, of Chicago, (below) used a white BOOYAH spinner bait to catch his big largemouth bass from a subdivision pond around Midlothian in April.

This was sent several weeks ago, so that Hawks jersey is not from a bandwagon jumper. Frank Bucaro sent the photo of his son Frankie (below) with a 16-inch largemouth caught from a private pond around Bloomingdale in April.

Owen Weber (below) caught his 19-inch largemouth on a crawler and bobber from a channel off the Fox River in Cary on May 2nd.

Eric Troken nominated his friend’s son, Nathan Dominowski, 10, of Chicago, (below) who caught his first muskie at Shabbona Lake on Mother’s Day while fishing live bait. Dominowski released the 40-inch, 18.75-pound muskie.

This probably should have been FOTW on its own, but I forget what entry bumped it. Maybe the big brown last week.

Stephanie Jarmon nominated her son Owen, 13, (below) for his 20-inch largemouth and 14-inch crappie caught in private pond in Joliet on May 16.

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FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report on the outdours page of the Sun-Times each Wednesday. An extended online version appears here, usually by midnight Tuesday. What can I say, I’m behind today (yesterday?). I do have an excuse it took longer to put this together.