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Obama family, Bo, touch down in Chicago. Pool report

Chicago pool report #1

By Anne E. Kornblut

White House Correspondent

The Washington Post

Shortly after takeoff, a surprise gaggle on Air Force One: with Bo, the

presidential dog.

His owner was just a few steps behind.

President Obama watched and smiled as Bo ran down the aisle past a throng

of cooing reporters. Obama cracked the old joke about needing a dog in

Washington – since there’s no such thing as a real friend.

Someone told him that Bo had been spotted at the airport interacting with

his bomb-sniffing relatives. “I didn’t want him getting into it with the

Secret Service. I’ve seen them training,” Obama said.

Coat jacket off, Obama seemed happy and relaxed during his brief foray to

the back of the plane. (Credit to deputy press secretary Bill Burton for

orchestrating the rare visit on a moment’s notice).

Like owner, like pet. Bo tired quickly of the media, and headed back to the

front of the aircraft. Obama followed suit, but not before assuring us that

the dog was just going to see someone who feeds him regularly. Neither one

took questions.

Bo made another spin through the press cabin a few minutes later, solo.

Uneventful trip otherwise. Wheels down 7:02 PM CST.



Anne E. Kornblut

White House Correspondent

The Washington Post