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Free agent summit intriguing

The most interesting thing Dwyane Wade had to say this week wasn’t his questioning whether the Bulls are loyal to their former players. It was Wade saying he planned to meet with LeBron James, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh and maybe other members of the upcoming free-agent class before July.

What exactly will they talk about?

To me, the main subject on the agenda will be figuring out if it is feasible for two of the free agents to team up.

Wade, no doubt, will try to recruit someone to play with him in Miami. I still maintain that Wade will stay with the Heat and is looking for someone to join him there. Bosh is a strong possibility, but I doubt that James would be willing to play with the Heat.

The Heat is Wade’s team and I don’t see James going somewhere where he won’t be the top dog. Sure, he wants talent around him, but there’s no way he’ll risk playing second banana to anyone.

Because of that, I still believe the Bulls are James’ best option if he decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. Perhaps James can recruit someone else — perhaps Bosh or Johnson — to join him with another team.

In the nearly five weeks before the free-agent period begins on July 1, there will be countless rumors and speculation about how things will play out. But the truth is, no one knows what will happen and anyone who says differently is either lying or delusional.

The Bulls still stand a good chance of landing James or someone else — or perhaps two players. They’ll get a chance to make their sales pitch. We’ll find in July if they can close the deal.