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Argentina's soccer team gets the OK for World Cup sex

When handicapping next month’s World Cup, it’s important to have all the information available. To that end, it’s almost my duty to report that members of the Argentina squad have been given the go-ahead to have sex during the tournament.

The team’s doctor, Donato Villani, said players can get their loving on with their regular partners, because, hey, they’re human.

“The players can have sex with their wives and girlfriends during the

World Cup,” he said on Radio Del Plata. “Players are not Martians.”

“But,” he added, “it should not be at 2 a.m. with champagne and

Havana cigars.”

Yes, it’s important to have boundaries.

Villano also gave eating barbecued beef and drinking a glass of wine his blessing. He just encouraged moderation.