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Bears sign Wright

For the fifth consecutive year, the Bears are the first NFL team to sign all of it’s draft picks.

The Bears just beat a stated goal to agents of their draft picks, to have all of them signed by May 28. Naturally, safety Major Wright was the last to sign late this afternoon. Wright was the Bears top pick this year.

Wright signed a four-year deal that included $845,000 in guarantees. As they often do, the Bears will give Wright a chance to trigger a $1.3 million escalator in his fourth season if he meets a playing time minimum in just one season. All told, Wright can make $3.36 million.

The Bears are always proactive. But they became the first team in league history to sign all their picks (five in all) in May. While they didn’t have a first- or second-round pick, they still had a tight rookie pool to work with.