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Nick Swisher, Joanna Garcia engaged

Nick Swisher — you remember his year here, don’t you, White Sox fans — is engaged to television actress Joanna Garcia, according to a report from People.

The New York Yankees outfielder’s engagement continues a long team tradition of canoodling with celebrities (see: Jeter, Derek and Rodriguez, Alex).

Garcia will star in the brand-new ABC comedy “Better Together’ this fall. You might also vaguely recognize her from her work on “Privileged” and “Reba.” Like Swisher, she popped up on an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” this season.

Swisher confirmed the couple’s relationship to Sports Illustrated in September, calling her “his lady.”

She is 30. He is 29.

Garcia was previously engaged to Justin Timberlake’s business partner Trace Ayala in 2008.