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Of fathers and sons: Bernsteins & bass

Maybe, it is just coming off of several days fishing and being holed up at a cabin with my dad, for maybe one of the last times, but I was touched by this photo.

The big guy holding the bass is Dan Bernstein. That’s his son who caught it.

Here’s the details from Dan:

My 5-year-old son was casting a tiny beetle-spin with his two-foot, Disney spincast outfit, and was about to pull it from the water when it was gobbled up by the 1.5-pounder (maybe?) shown. He received no assistance whatsoever until he calmly back-walked it up the bank and I grabbed it by the lip.

He also released two keeper crappies and three small largemouths.

I made sure he held one of the bass by the lip, and he was rubbing the rough skin on his thumb before he went to sleep.

One, that’s a fun touching story from the acerbic, analytical half of Boers and Bernstein on The Score afternoons.

Two, Beetle Spins are classic lures for general catching on lakes and ponds around Chicago outdoors.

Three, if I could figure out how to crop Bernstein out, the photo would be even better with just the bass and the 5-year-old.

But seriously, scenes like that are the stuff of lifetime memories, with or without photos.

I know that from a core of life memories.