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Obama, Rahm, Valerie Jarrett, Goolsbee huddle with CEO's, including Wellpoint

WASHINGTON–The Obama White House on Monday night released a list of CEO’s having dinner with President Obama and other top administration officials, including Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Austin Goolsbee. One interesting invitee: Angela Braly, the Chairman, President and CEO of WellPoint, a target of Obama White House ire.

On April 23, the health insurance company was taken to task by the administration for “routinely dropping coverage for women that are diagnosed with breast cancer.” Earlier, during the health insurance reform debate, the WellPoint boost in California rates– up to 39 percent–helped dramatize the need for regulation.

When you look at the list of the CEO’s and Obama officials at the dinner–it’s an example of how few women operate at the very top of these business circles.

Following is a list of the three women and ten men invited to dinner:

Ronald Williams, Chairman & CEO, Aetna

Patricia Woertz, Chairman, President & CEO, Archer Daniels Midland Company

Riley Bechtel, Chairman & CEO, Bechtel Group, Inc.

Peter Grauer, Chairman, President & CEO, Bloomberg, Inc.

Jim Owens, Chairman & CEO, Caterpillar

Ellen Kullman, Chairman & CEO, DuPont

Rex Tillerson, Chairman & CEO, ExxonMobil

Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President & CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Charles Moorman, Chairman & CEO, Norfolk Southern Corporation

Steve Odland, Chairman & CEO, Office Depot

James Goodnight, Chairman, President & CEO, SAS Institute Inc.

Andrew Liveris, Chairman & CEO, The Dow Chemical Company

Angela Braly, Chairman, President & CEO, WellPoint, Inc.

Along with the following one female and three male administration officials at the dinner:

Secretary Timothy Geithner

NEC Director Larry Summers

Valerie Jarrett

Rahm Emanuel

Austan Goolsbee