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2010 Player Power Poll Update - Yes, there has been blood

SOX 2010 PLAYER POWER POLL [Through April]

A look at the Sox 25-man roster ranked by talent, makeup and value to the team:

1. LHP John Danks (Last Month 7) – As it stands right now, really only the surest thing the Sox starting staff has.

2. 1B Paul Konerko (LM 8) – Along with A. Jones and A. Rios, carrying the Sox offense.

3. DH Andruw Jones (LM 16) – Looks like he’s turned the clock back a few years.

4. CF Alex Rios (LM 11) – Is hitting, and more importantly, stealing bases.

5. LHP Matt Thornton (LM 10) – Guillen’s security blanket.

6. RHP Jake Peavy (LM 1) – If Peavy doesn’t turn it around, Sox have absolutely no shot this year.

7. RHP Bobby Jenks (LM 5) – Has been better than expected, but becoming trade bait.

8. RHP Sergio Santos (LM 18) – Is the reason Jenks could be trade bait.

9. LHP Mark Buehrle (LM 4) – Great Opening Day – down hill since.

10. C A.J. Pierzynski (LM 2) – Starting to get the bat going – finally.

11. 2B Gordon Beckham (LM 3) – Can you say sophomore slump?

12. RF Carlos Quentin (LM 6)

13. RHP Gavin Floyd (LM 9)

14. RHP J.J. Putz (LM 15)

15. 3B Mark Teahen (LM 14)

16. SS Alexei Ramirez (LM 12) – He survived April, now he has to shine.

17. Freddy Garcia (LM 19)

18. LF Juan Pierre (LM 13) – So far, Pierre over Podsednik not sitting well with fans.

19. RHP Scott Linebrink (LM 23) – As long as they keep him in middle relief, he’s been solid.

20. RHP Tony Pena (LM 21) – Been put in unfair situations to eat up innings.

21. DH Mark Kotsay (LM 17) – Not the same guy we saw in spring training.

22. INF Omar Vizquel (LM 20)

23. LHP Randy Williams (LM 22)

24. INF Jayson Nix (LM 24)

25. C Ramon Castro (LM NR) – Welcome to the mess.