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Quennect4 continues quest w/compilation, concert

As we reported in February, Humboldt Park gallery and performance space Quennect4 was shut down by the city earlier this year for operating without a license. The ensuing Kickstarter campaign has raised (as of today) $1,480 toward the $3,600 goal.

With just 9 days remaining, the Q4 Tribe is making a final push for funds, releasing a digital compilation with tracks from musicians who have been a part of their community. The collection will be released on Friday, May 7, with a party at Elastic Arts in Logan Square featuring the Chicago Gypsy Experiment, Rambos and Wake Up Siouxsie. The all-ages event begins at 9 p.m., with an $8 suggested donation at the door. Pay that, or make at least a $10 donation to Kickstarter, and you’ll be hooked up with the compilation download code.

The full list of artists on the comp: DJ Limbs & Butter, BBU, Eyes Manouche, Curtis Evans & Our Friends Electric, Agents of Change, The Embraceables, Kenny Keys, Chandler London, Phillip Morris, Jeremy Miller, Natalie Grace, Drunken Monkee, Pugs Atomz & 6th Sense, IL Subliminal f/ Idris Goodwin, Charles Williams, Matthew Merryweather, Radius, Kore One, Shannon Vs. The Stranger, Wake Up Siouxsie, The Minneapolis Henrys, and Big Splashes. Download a complimentary track (“Djelem Djelem” by Eyes Manouche) here.