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Adrian Gonzalez speaks out against Arizona immigration law

Sweet-swinging Adrian Gonzalez, the San Diego Padres first baseman, spoke out about the controversial Arizona law targeting illegal immigration.

He told Fanhouse that, if selected to next summer’s All-Star Game in Phoenix, he’ll boycott as a protest. He also said he’d like to see Major League Baseball move Spring Training out of the state if the law is still in effect when play begins next year.

“I’ll support the Players Association 100 percent,” said Gonzalez, who

grew up in both Tijuana and a suburb south of San Diego. “If they leave

it up to the players and the law is still there, I’ll probably not play

in the All-Star Game. Because it’s a discriminating law.

Gonzalez joins a growing faction of players and coaches who have spoken out against the law, including White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. On Thursday, a protest decrying the practice was held outside Wrigley Field as the Diamondbacks arrived for their four-game series against the Cubs.

Since any debate over race deteriorates from thoughtful discussion to name-calling within three comments, let’s focus on Gonzalez here. Do you admire him for standing up for his principles or should he keep his mouth shut and play baseball? And what of the notion that a sporting event is becoming one of the focal points of a political battle? Does that sit OK with you or would you like to see a clear line drawn between the two arenas?