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Gay rock, live and in the flesh

As the Tennessee teen who was sent home from school for wearing an “I Love Lady Gay Gay” shirt can attest GLBT-friendly music is still a bit of a touchy topic in some places.

Those places don’t include Chicago’s Jackhammer, of course. The Rogers Park bar hosts the Flesh Hungry Dog Show again this Friday at 9 p.m., with the aim of bringing live rock and related music to the city’s gay community and providing a venue for GLBT-supportive artists.

This month’s installment features a three-pack of fabulousness, including the Homoticons (a “wayward triad of transgressive, transsexual trespassers”), Pieptone! (Chicago’s only ‘Schlager’ band, which marries pop hits with the German language) and Plain Ole Delicious (an eclectic quartet offering originals and covers from ska to blues). Get tickets ($8 online, $10 at the door) and more info at and come ready to rock.