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Vancouver paper takes shot at Patrick Kane ...

VANCOUVER, Canada — From Team USA’s gold-medal run in the Olympics to some pictures from a limo ride, Vancouver has been an interesting and memorable place for Hawks winger Patrick Kane.

He was in the headlines again on Wednesday.

A local commuter newspaper, Vancouver 24 hours, took an untimely — and really unnecessary — shot at the 21-year-old star on its front page by referring to Kane’s incident with a Buffalo cab driver last summer. (see it HERE).

Its headline read: “Save our Cabbies: Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane (a.k.a. Twenny Cent) is in town and we want to ensure our cabbies are safe, so tip your cabbie in dimes to help them avoid a beating.”

“For some reason in the Olympics, everyone was pretty nice to me out here actually,” said Kane, when asked how he felt he would be treated in Vancouver during the series.

“I’m not really expecting the same treatment out here this time around. It’s to be expected. I think an American kid playing for an American team that’s a big rival of a big Canadian city obviously, they’re not going to like me too much.”