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IHSA bass fishing: Day 2 begins

CARLYLE, Ill.–Somebody dug out a wool hat and sent it flying out of the back of an SUV as I parked this morning.

Cold weather, down into the 40s, settled over Carlyle Lake for Day 2 of Illinois’ second state championship for bass fishing.

Duck and deer hunting camo or insulated rain gear covered most fishermen, coaches and captains. For that matter most spectators. Hidden inside of hoods, the St. Charles North team (above) looked fairly typical going out.

The North Stars were in 19th place with 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

The leaders, Monticello, weighed 17-15 on Day 1.

With a significant cold front coming through late Friday, the 2-7 lead the Sages hold over Gibson City looks pretty safe.

WIND: During the night a significant wind blew through. I was camping by a cove at Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area and I thought some of the branches were going to take out my tent. When I walked down the launch this morning, the wind had caused some carnage as signs blew through the chairs.

THINKING BIG: Bradley-Bourbonnais, the Chicago-area school with the best shot of challenging, was boat 2 taking off this morning. The Boilermakers were in 9th with 11-9.

I still marvel at the 5-13 Bradley junior Jack Waldschmidt brought to the stage. I will be surprised if anybody approaches that kind of fish today.

Fenwick, the other Chicago school within range, was 11th with 10-11.

COVER BOY QUOTE: Austin Pool, the Pekin junior who has been on the IHSA program both years, is a bit of wise guy. As he said down in the boat this morning, he cracked, “I didn’t know we were going ice fishing.”

It should be an interesting day. I don’t think the bags will be anything like the big sacks yesterday.