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Morel of the Week: Family affair

Nick Pezdek found a nice patch of morels in short order last week and earned Morel of the Week.

Or should that be Morels of the Week?

He sent this story, whcih I like:

Hey Dale, how’s it going? Got out with my wife Mo, and 2 year old daughter Tessa on Monday and managed about 15-20 nice morels in about an hour. Big yellows are starting to come out. Also had to pull off a little hitchhiker (tick) Monday night, so remind people to wear some bug spray!!! I snapped a few pics for you. The big one was about the size of a 20 oz pop bottle.

The big morel was the size of the 20-ouncer, not the tick. At least I hope not.

The reminder about ticks is a good one. I had one become embedded last weekend. Which, frankly, is rather disgusting.

Morels must have come in good last week. There were a bunch of good entries, some MOTW may run for awhile this spring.

During May and maybe part of June, MOTW tops the Field Notes on the outdours page of the Sun-Times each Sunday. An online version appears here, usually on Sunday.

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