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Dallas Braden's grandmother: 'Stick it, A-Rod'

What a 24 hours it was for silver-haired ladies.

First, there was 88-year-old Betty White absolutely killing it in “Saturday Night Live.”

Then, Sunday, in the aftermath of Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden’s perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays, his grandmother took a shot at New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

You read that correctly.

You’ll recall that Braden and Rodriguez got into a war of words last month, when Braden called out Rodriguez for running over “his mound” after a foul ball. Rodriguez, who obviously disagreed with Braden’s opinion that he held the deed to that particular piece of real estate, questioned who the much-less-recognized pitcher was to be making this kind of trouble.

“Let’s forget it, uh huh — and stick it, A-Rod,” said a chuckling Peggy

Lindsey, who was in the stands watching.

To his credit, A-Rod congratulated Braden on the 19th perfect game in Major League history. So, maybe we can put this whole silly feud to rest.