Michelle Obama’s jumping jack flash. Transcript

SHARE Michelle Obama’s jumping jack flash. Transcript
SHARE Michelle Obama’s jumping jack flash. Transcript

The White House

Office of the First Lady

For Immediate Release October 11, 2011

Remarks by the First Lady at “Let’s Move” Jumping Jacks Event

South Lawn

2:45 P.M. EDT

MRS. OBAMA: Wow! You guys look great! Welcome to the White House. Isn’t this exciting? (Applause.)

All right, I’m going to do a few things. I want to thank John and Melina for that introduction. We have to thank National Geographic Kids for all their hard work on this event and all the other events, all the other jumping that’s going around all around the country and the world. You know that? You’re part of something that’s happening around the world. Isn’t that exciting?


MRS. OBAMA: And I also want to thank Stuart and Guinness Book of World Records, who are here making sure we get recorded. And I know you all will be watching closely, so that everyone — you guys have to stay in your lines, right, stay in order, because they’ll need to be able to count everyone, right. So we’ve got to cooperate.

And I have to thank our dear friend, Al Roker, for hosting today’s pre-program. He is terrific, one of our favorites. (Applause.) And also, to Michelle Kwan, who is way in the back, who is going to be helping us out today. (Applause.) Michelle has been terrific. She is always moving.

And I know that we have some great schools here. So when you hear your school, let me hear if you’re here. We’ve got Hampstead Hill Academy — where are you? (Applause.) The Paul Public Charter School. (Applause.) We’ve got Lake Ridge Elementary School. (Applause.) Oh, these are my flash mob buddies — John Eaton Elementary School. (Applause.) Yes! Stuart-Hobson Middle School — where are you? (Applause.) And Watkins Elementary School. (Applause.) You all give yourselves a big round of applause. Exciting. (Applause.)

All right, you guys, I’m the First Lady, I get to do a lot of cool things, but this is really exciting. I never thought in my entire life that I would be here today to break a Guinness World Record. Woohoo! And I’m here doing it with all of you and that makes it even more fun, because the whole country — the world is going to see just how much fun we can have not just breaking a world record but also doing some exercise, right? Because that’s one of my big things. “Let’s Move” is about kids eating healthy and moving and staying active, so you all are ready for life and for all the challenges that you’re going to face.

And what we’re going to show people today is that moving is fun, right? You can do it just dancing around in your backyard. You can get moving if you’re walking your dog. Or you can get moving doing some jumping jacks, right? (Applause.) There are so many ways to keep moving.

So I want you all — are you ready? Are we ready? (Applause.) All right, everybody, you’ve got to get back in your lines. We can’t start. The clock is ticking. I want everybody up here. You guys get in your lines. Let me see you in your lines.


2:55 P.M. EDT

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