‘80s Night on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ a mixed bag

SHARE ‘80s Night on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ a mixed bag
SHARE ‘80s Night on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ a mixed bag

To paraphrase that old song…. Oh yes it’s 80s night and the feeling’s right.. . but somehow, the feeling tonight on “Dancing with the Stars” — the 80s night, wasn’t all that right.

There was plenty of good dancing…. David Arquette, J.R. Martinez, Rob Kardashian and even Chaz Bono (who’s been doing better of late) all turned in decent spins on the dance floor with their respective partners. And it was Martinez who walked away with the night’s high score of 28 when all was said and done.

But the rest of the pack…. Nancy Grace, Carson Kressley, Ricki Lake (the leader for three previous weeks) and Hope

Solo failed to ignite the ballroom. Hope and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy have little chemistry out on that floor (or perhaps it was just more evident tonight during their choppy tango). The judges’ score of 24 was far better than the dance warranted.

Kardashian has surprised everyone in the past few weeks with his steady progression and determination to hang in there. Tonight’s sultry samba proved he really CAN dance. It was one of the night’s highlights.

But even the judges’ remarks seemed sleepy tonight (though all three of them couldn’t resist pointing out that Nancy Grace was, ahem, “older” than her dashing young partner Tristan MacManus and that she turned in a “proper” rumba for a lady of her age) How rude. Yes she’s “older,” but we’re not talking Cloris Leachman territory by any means.

By all accounts, Kressley should be heading home Tuesday night on the results show, judging by his ridiculous cheerleader routine tonight (not quite sure there was any real jive in the entire routine). His paltry 19 on this, the halfway point of the competition, should seal his fate.

And who has a better cheering section that Arquette? His adorable daughter Coco just beamed when her dad earned high praises from (and a coveted “9”) from judge Len Goodman.

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