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Backwards passes aren't meant to be

In each of the past two games Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees has attempted to throw a short pass that fell incomplete only to be ruled a backward pass and therefore a lateral. On both occasions, the fumble was recovered by the opposing team, which would be enough for most coaches to yank that play from the playbook.Not Brian Kelly.“Take the proper footwork, catch the ball, and if we do those two things, then all those other things fall into place,” he said. “All those things are things that we have to spend more time on and make sure we get right, because to have them back-to-back or have them twice is way too much.”Kelly made it clear that the play is designed to be a FORWARD pass. “Both of the times they were right on the line each time, and if we’re doing the right thing in terms of getting proper width, if we’re doing the right thing getting the proper footwork down, then those become forward passes.”