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Who wins? Bears or Lions?

I picked the Bears to win today, 31-17. I think the Detroit Lions defensive line, overall, is better than Philadelphia’s. But, with winds perhaps being a factor, I think the Bears ability to run the ball far better will give the Lions some trouble.

The Lions, of course, will be without Jahvid Best, who is out with a concussion. He had arguably the best game of his career against the Bears, in a 24-13 victory in October. This Bears defense, though, has since shored itself up, and they aren’t giving up as many big plays.

Calvin Johnson told the Detroit Free Press that he has a special end zone celebration planned. So the Bears defense needs to do all it can to prevent that.

As for the Bears offense, I think Matt Forte can have a big game against the Lions. If not, though, Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox seem ready to hurt the Lions questionable secondary.

I’ll pick Knox as my surprise player of the game.

What score you got?