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Ron Zook walked out. He didn't WALK OUT!!!

Just so this is clear, while Ron Zook walked out of his press conference when asked about his job status–after saying he’d walk out if his job status–the question came about eight seconds before he would have walked out, anyway. He’d gone as long as he goes every week–20 minutes–which is a lot of time to fill about a team that’s lost four straight.

He didn’t storm out. He walked out. And he had answered every question ad mauseum to that point.Just to play mediator here. Hats off to Shannon Ryan, who does an outstanding job for the Chicago Tribune, for being a bulldog and asking the hard question.But let’s cut the Zooker some slack here, too. He answered repeated questions about how he and his players are dealing with the losing streak, one of several distractions that have added to Illinois’ woes.When a guy makes it clear he’s not going to answer a question about his feelings, and his players’ feelings, and you ask it anyway, what do you expect him to do?Shannon has a job to do and she does it well.All I want to do is give a little context for people who were not in that room.If you want to judge Zook, don’t watch the 55-second highlight video. Watch the whole 20 minutes.If you’re in the four-game-losing-streak version of your life, and a job you love is on the line, and people keep picking at the scab, what would you do?