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Williams: Trading Danks and Floyd not out of question

MILWAUKEE — Even though it’s quite possible the White Sox Sox will lose left-hander Mark Buehrle in free agency, general manager Ken Williams did not rule out a scenario of trading both lefty John Danks and right-hander Gavin Floyd, which would mean more than half the starting rotation could be new next season.

“Is that feasible? Remains to be seen,” Williams said after another day at the general managers meetings at the Pfister Hotel. “It depends on what you can ultimately get back if you do decide to move them. That hasn’t been decided. I haven’t ruled anything out.”

Williams said interest in his players is strong.

“You’d think we had a team out there that actually got in the playoffs, from the interest people are showing in our players, — particularly our pitchers,” Williams said before dinner on Wednesday. “Again, you don’t know what you are ultimately going to get back until you draw some lines in the sand and there is no need for that now.”

That will come at the winter meetings in Dallas on Dec. 4-8, although these GM meetings seem less laid back than usual. GMs are talking now with more urgency

“I will say that the tone of these meetings is more serious,” Williams said from the lobby of the Pfister Hotel.