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Sandler's alter ego kept director busy

Adam Sandler (as "Jill," left) works with director Dennis Dugan (far right) on location for JACK AND JILL.

When you’re transforming Adam Sandler into a woman, certain cosmetic issues come into play.

“It was so hard to get the eyeshadow off Adam after he was Jill,” says Dennis Dugan, the Wheaton native who directed Sandler’s new hit “Jack and Jill.”

“No matter how hard they tried, he was a little raccoon-eyed.”

In a dual role, Sandler plays both a Los Angeles adman and his obnoxious twin sister. “We did have to shave Adam later in the day as Jill. He couldn’t have 5 o’clock shadow,” Dugan says.

As for Jill’s figure, he figures, “She’s a Bronx girl. She doesn’t go to the gym. She’s not really a person who cares about fashion either.”

Dugan, the man behind Sandler movies from “Happy Gilmore” to “Grown Ups,” is a graduate of Wheaton High School. “I grew up doing plays at the Wheaton Drama Club,” he says. “My mom is an actress, and she would have people rehearsing in our living room.”

He fondly remembers those days. “I went back a few months ago and it was amazing. I kept telling people in my hometown, ‘You know, you live in heaven.’ ”

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