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D.J. Moore fined $15,000 for run-in with Matthew Stafford

Bears cornerback D.J. Moore was penalized and tossed from Sunday’s victory over the Detroit Lions.

Now, the NFL has informed him that he’s also been fined $15,000.

After taxes, that figure essentially represents a week’s wages for Moore, who makes $480,000 this season.

The NFL policy on fighting is very clear, as players from both teams reacted to Stafford and Moore’s tussle. It started after Stafford was intercepted by cornerback Tim Jennings. Although Jennings was later ruled down, he was sprinting down the Lions sideline, and Stafford pulled Moore hard to the ground by his facemask. Moore popped up and lunged at Stafford, prompting three Lions to come their quarterback’s defense.

Then, at least two dozen players from both clubs were scrapping near the Lions sideline.

There were several other potentially fineable offenses in the game, including Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh ripping off the helmet of Jay Cutler and and rookie Nick Fairley driving the Bears quarterback hard into the end zone.

Fairley was penalized for that play.

Lions defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch was fined $7,500 for a late hit on Bears running back Matt Forte.