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Bears offensive line moving up the charts

Last season, the Bears had the worst offensive line, according to the New York Life Protection Index powered by Northbrook-based STATS.

But after eight weeks, the Bears are now 27th in the league.

The Protection Index factors in pass attempts, combined with penalties by offensive linemen, sacks allowed and quarterback hurries and knockdowns.

The league’s best offensive line belongs to the New Orleans Saints, with a score of 81.8. The Bears are 27th with 46.6, followed by the Minnesota Vikings (45.5), Seattle Seahawks (44.0), St. Louis Rams (42.4), Miami Dolphins (42.1) and Jacksonville Jaguars (41.0).

In the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers are sixth with a 71.9 and the Detroit Lions are eighth with a 71.0.