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Suspect charged in fatal shooting at UIC Medical Center

Police responded to a barricade situation at University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago after an employee allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife in a hospital parking garage late Friday. Photo from Sun-Times Media Wire.

Angela Bonds never felt threatened at work, her family said.

But within the last two years, the hospital housekeeper became the target of a cruel prankster.

One time, her car was keyed.

Another time, sugar was poured into Bonds’ gas tank.

Late Thursday, the vandalism in the parking garage at the University of Illinois Medical Center escalated into something deadly.

As Bonds, 48, left her shift, a co-worker she had previously been involved with allegedly opened fire and struck her in the head and torso, authorities said.

Bonds’ fiance, a janitor at the Near West Side hospital, was at her side and escaped injury when he “ran for cover” from the bullets sprayed by the other man, Bonds’ brother Reginald said.

Charges in the Thanksgiving murder were pending against a 47-year-old hospital maintenance worker who was arrested following a nearby traffic stop early Friday morning.

The alleged gunman is a 15-year veteran at the hospital, UIC spokesman Mark Rosati said. The weapon used in the shooting, in the 1800 block of West Taylor Street, has been recovered, Rosati said.

Bonds’ brother said he was “baffled” over the fatal shooting that prompted a lockdown of several hours at the hospital when it was believed the shooter had re-entered the facility.

Bonds, of North Riverside, and the alleged gunman decided to break off their relationship seven years ago.

Still, the “quiet and resolved” man would come over to Bonds’ mother’s South Side home for dinner or to do errands for the elderly woman, Reginald Bonds, 50, said.

Angela Bonds didn’t mind working with her ex and never spoke about being afraid, her family said.

The only time the alleged gunman was confrontational with Bonds was when he purposely bumped into her as they recently performed their housekeeping duties, her brother said.

But Bonds had her suspicions about who had been damaging her vehicle.

“He was nitpicking her at work,” Reginald Bonds said of the suspect.

“She let him go. We’re thinking he didn’t let her go . . . He probably saw her fiance with her, and it just got to him. He snapped.”

UIC spokesman Bill Burton said university police were never previously involved in any incidents tied to Bonds, adding that he could not discuss any personnel matters that she may have reported to her bosses.

Bonds, who had worked at the UIC Medical Center for about 15 years, had Thanksgiving dinner with her family before her shift Thursday, her brother said.

Reginald Bonds described his slain sister as a “hard worker” who always volunteered to work extra hours and the holidays.

Bonds had been engaged for about a year, he said.

“We talked to each other on the phone everyday,” Reginald Bonds said.

“The last thing I said to her was, ‘Happy Thanksgiving Sister Love.’ She was a beautiful, loving person.”

Contributing: Michael Lansu and LeeAnn Shelton