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Biden, Michelle Obama, Jill Biden at Maggie Daley funeral UPDATED

A spokesman for First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday morning would not confirm whether Mrs. Obama would return home to Chicago for Maggie Daley’s funeral mass–but the lack of a denial suggests something may be in the works. White House chief of staff Bill Daley, of course, is Mrs. Daley’s brother-in-law. White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett is planning on attending the mass for Mrs. Daley as is Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

UPDATE Education Sec. Arne Duncan also at the funeral

UPDATE Vice President Joe Biden, Jill Biden and Mrs. Obama flew to Chicago for the Maggie Daley funeral.

UPDATED Mrs. Obama will be attending the funeral. She is trying not to draw much attention to herself in order to not be a distraction.

UPDATED: The FAA is is imposing flight restrictions at O’Hare Airport this morning because of a “VIP movement.”

Read the flight restriction notice HERE.

In October, 2010, Mrs. Obama and Jarrett were in Chicago for the funeral of Bishop Arthur Brazier.