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Jay Cutler on his thumb: "I got to be smart about it"

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler isn’t used to watching a practice and nursing an injury.

One of his endearing qualities as a football player is his durability.

But Cutler suffered a broken right thumb against the San Diego Chargers, and, despite the temptation, he begrudgingly accepts he has to be careful not to rush himself back too quickly.

“I got to be smart about it,” Cutler said. “It could be, I’m done for the season.”

Those are difficult words for Cutler to utter. But, according to projections by several hand surgeons, that’s the likely timetable.

Cutler had surgery on Wednesday, Nov. 23, in Vail, CO. He had to have two pins and three screws to mobilize his right thumb, which he injured while trying to prevent a touchdown after an interception against the Chargers.

He’s already started rehab.

“Just getting some movement back in it,” Cutler said.

Cutler, though, declined to provide a timetable, although renowned hand surgeon Steve Shin told the Sun-Times it would be six to eight weeks. That would put his return at the beginning of January, on the early end.

“I don’t know. We’ll just have to see, week-by-week,” Cutler said. “I don’t want to put a number on it, because I just don’t know.”

Meanwhile, Cutler confirmed that he’s engaged to Kristin Cavallari, who announced the news on her Twitter account earlier today.

“I just heard about that too. I’m joking,” Cutler playfully said. “No, no, there’s no date for that.”

Asked if he could confirm the news, he said, “Yeah.”