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Eagles special teams coordinator mum on plans against Devin Hester

Philadelphia Eagles special teams coordinator Bobby April wouldn’t divulge his plans for Bears returner Devin Hester.

“Well I wouldn’t want to reveal my strategy or what we’re going to do because it’s almost like calling up [Bears special teams coordinator] Dave Toub and telling him what we’re going to do,” April said. “So I’d rather not commit on what we’re going to do. I just would rather say that we have a real challeng, unlike a lot of people.”

April said Hester “may be a real exception to everybody.”

“He’s better than good, maybe the greatest returner of all time,” April said. “His records certainly show that. And in only six years there’s been some greats that he’s passed that took twice as long to have that many. So I guess he’s sort of like [former RB Jim Brown] in that he passed everybody in a shorter period of time. So he’s a great player and there’s no doubt about that. He’s a great player.”

The Eagles, though, do not boast a great pair of kickers. Chas Henry is 28th in the NFL, with a net average of 36 yards per punt. Just three of his 18 punts have landed inside the opponents’ 20-yard line. Meanwhile, kicker Alex Henery is tied for 19th with 15 touchbacks on kickoffs.

They’re both rookies.