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Bialek says Cain has "compete amnesia" about meeting her

WASHINGTON–GOP White House hopeful Herman Cain said at this Tuesday press conference he can’t recall ever meeting Sharon Bialek, who has accused him of sexual harassment when she talked to him about a job. Bialek in a Wednesday MSNBC interview said she did, as recently as a month ago at a Tea Party convention in suburban Chicago. The encounter was first reported by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed.

In the wake of Cain’s strong statements about not knowing her, Bialek was asked on MSNBC how she could prove she knew Cain. Bialek did not provide an answer.

Bialek was asked about Sneed’s report about the two at the Tea Party event in Schaumburg. “Let me clarify, there was no hugging involved,” Bialek said. She confirmed that she did approach Cain and he acknowledged who she was–only a month ago.

“In order to get his attention…I grabbed his elbow and leaned in towards him…he acknowledged who I was and remembered what I said. It was simply a few statements to jar his memory.”

Bialek declined to provide more details.

The Associated Press is reporting that Bialek told WFLD-TV in Chicago on Wednesday that Cain has “complete amnesia.” She says, “Pathological liars usually do those kinds of things.”