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Bennett fined $5,000 for orange cleats vs. Eagles

I love watching Earl Bennett play because I’m always trying to figure out how Bennett seems to always get open while other faster, taller receivers can’t. Bennett was easy to spot against the Eagles on Monday night because he was wearing neon orange cleats.

Bennett’s shoes looked pretty cool to me, but the NFL didn’t appreciate them as much. The league fined Bennett $5,000 because the shoes violated the NFL’s uniform policy. (According to NFL rules, teams can use any color they want as the ”dominant color” for their shoes as long as it is black or white — and that color must be chosen by July 1 prior to each season).

When Clinton Portis was with the Redskins, he was fined $20,000 for a series of uniform violations in a 2005 game against the Eagles — black shoes, striped socks and an unapproved eye shield.

Bennett is still on his rookie contract and is making $555,000 this season, so $5,000 is hardly chump change. Bennett will be an unrestricted free agent after this season. Considering how valuable he is to the Bears as Jay Cutler’s favorite receiver, he might have more leverage than anybody on the team, including Matt Forte and Lance Briggs. So it’s unlikely we’ll have to hold a tag day for Bennett anytime soon.