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Et Tu, Bulaga?

He was born in Barrington, and he attended high school in Woodstock. But Bryan Bulaga headed to the University of Iowa, and he was a first-round pick of the Green Bay Packers.

So I asked him: What do you have against your home state?

“I didn’t grow up a huge Bears fans,” Bulaga told me. “I just didn’t, and it wasn’t something that was pushed on me by my family. We just liked football.”

Did you like a particular NFL team?

“I liked the [San Francisco] 49ers. I liked Steve Young, and Jerry Rice,” he said. “I liked rooting for the 49ers.”

The 23rd overall pick of the Packers, Bulaga has mostly played at right tackle, and his performance has been inconsistent. One NFC scout told me that Bears seventh-round pick J’Marcus Webb has more upside than Bulaga.

But Bulaga is adjusting from playing left to right tackle, and he couldn’t be more thrilled about where he’s at.

“It’s been fun. A lot of ups and downs, but I’ve enjoyed the heck out of it,” he said.

Asked if he friends from home make fun of him about playing for the Packers, Bulaga said, “They could if they wanted.

“But not really. I mean, here we are right now. If you want to give me a hard time about it, you can try.”