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Martz says nothing but good things about Cutler

Mike Martz spoke with Larry Mayer of and said everything you would expect him to say, such as:

“I think overall Jay made remarkable progress through the year,” Martz said, referring to quarterback Jay Cutler, of course. “Anytime you take a veteran quarterback and give him a new system, it’s always going to be a little difficult. We were all kind of feeling our way through the season. But I was very pleased.”

The Bears’ offensive coordinator told Mayer that he expects Cutler to benefit from having a year in the offense under his belt next season.

“There’s no question that it’s going to help him tons,” Martz told Mayer. “We’ll get better around him personnel-wise and we’ll play better too. He understands his role better too and what we’re asking him to do. He doesn’t have to win the game [by himself]. He just has to lead this team.”

Predictably, Martz focuses on Cutler’s strengths and not his weaknesses. Nothing about his fundamentals, for example, were mentioned. Here’s the link: