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Michelle, Sasha and Malia on Colorado ski trip

Over the long Presidents Day weekend, First Lady Michelle Obama took daughters Malia and Sasha on a Colorado ski trip. President Obama filled in as a coach at Sasha’s regular Saturday basketball game in the Washington suburb of Chevy Chase.

Pool report:

Motorcade left Jane Lawton Community Center at 9:59 a.m. after the

basketball game for an uneventful return to the White House.

Presidential SUV stopped at the diplomatic entrance at 10:25 a.m. No

pool contact with POTUS.

Upon return to WH, an administration official provided the following

information on background. “Today the president helped coach Sasha’s

basketball team filling in for the regular parent coach. The First

Lady and the Obama daughters are on a private family trip to Colorado.

The First Lady and several close friends are chaperoning their

children on a ski trip.”

So Sasha was not at the game. No word on whether Coach Obama’s team

won. No word on the ski resort