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Chicago mayoral vote: @LynnSweet TwitterCorps reports light turnout

CHICAGO–With a big mayoral contest–voter turnout is on the light side so far Tuesday, according to reports via @LynnSweet and my own reporting.

Here are reports–straight from the precincts–from some of my followers:


@lynnsweet just voted in 44th — very very quiet

about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to lynnsweet


@lynnsweet 8am in River West. No one was there. 12 paper ballots had been submitted. Not sure about the 1 electronic box.


@lynnsweet As a judge I can tell you it is Slow in the 43rd Ward.


@lynnsweet quiet at Temple Shalom. 46th ward, pct 43. People need to vote

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